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For years I debated over whether anyone would be interested in reading my story…more specifically what really happened. The TV segments continue to run, and every time one  runs on TV,  I get emails from all over the country and even from Europe. I also began to really feel the need to get my story out there for numerous reasons.

  1. I want to set the record straight and maybe achieve some degree of vindication…In other words, tell my side of the story, or shall I say, what really happened.  I feel that the facts were grossly distorted by much of the media and the spin created by the defense, and of course, I was falsely vilified during the first trial.
  2. I want to attempt to inspire others who have been victims of violent crimes at the hands of their spouse and others, and who have seen their families torn apart. I want to encourage those individuals to pick themselves up and move forward with rebuilding their lives. I want those who have experienced the ultimate betrayal by their spouses to know that it is possible to live again, and maybe even trust again.
  3. I want to explain to some degree how the criminal judicial system operates. I don’t think that most people know that the scales of justice are not always equal. I trusted the system and it failed me.
  4. Finally, I want to recognize my parents who gave up their retirement years to help me raise my children since their mother abandoned them. I also want to recognize those whose support has helped me through some difficult years.

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Michael Frazier's Mug Shot

Like a rat in a hole, he crouched there, stiff from the seven hours he had laid in wait in the cramped confines of the basement closet.  He was dying for a Virginia Slim and contemplated creeping outside for another one.  Hell, he smoked more than four packs a day, however that was possible. Everyone agreed he always smelled like mentholated smoke. He cautiously opened the closet door and listened. The house was silent and still.  He quickly slipped out the sliding door, slicing through the dark for a second as he lit up. Crouching against the brick, he sucked hard on his cigarette.

He was quite pleased with himself. He was part of a grand plan that had been months in the making. None of the bullies he’d encountered through life would believe “scrawny, mild-mannered Michael” could ever do anything so horrific. He had meticulously selected his garb, wearing black jeans, black socks and shoes, and to make a statement, his black Phantom of the Opera t-shirt. Latex gloves and a black stocking mask, he would don later, were crammed in his pockets. Focusing on the prize at hand, he felt no fear.

Frazier's T-shirt soaked with Rob Whedbee's blood.

He snubbed out his smoke, threw the butt out into the yard, and made the short trek back to his berth. He was infused with demonic adrenalin as he envisioned his mission. He was there to slay the dragon, driven by his consuming desire for her. He would save her and she would be his…She would be his! His heart thundered as he clutched the wicked blade, and waited for her  word.  Michael Frazier, preacher’s kid and choir boy, was about to commit cold-blooded murder.

Stay tuned for book updates and excerpts.

The perfect family or just an illusion?

Rob Whedbee was a hard working and successful insurance man. He was known and well-respected around Knoxville, and his family and friends knew Rob’s word was the solid truth.  He adored his children, Justin and Britanny, and spent as much time as he could with them. He liked being a father and he was a very good one. He also worked hard on his marriage and for years, everything seemed to be good. However, things began to change when his daughter was born in 1990. Two days after her birth, the doctor came to he and his wife, Lisa, and told them that Britanny had Down Syndrome. It was hard news to hear, but after some reflection, Rob knew things would be OK. They’d do what they had to to give their baby girl a good life, and care for her special needs. To say that Lisa didn’t take the news well, would be an understatement. Bordering on hysteria, she turned to her husband and implored, “How do we get out of this?” Both Rob and his father-in-law, who was also in the room, were taken aback. From that moment on, things would never be the same between Lisa and Rob, and no one could begin to imagine just how bad things would eventually get.

Knife and bat used in the attempt to murder Rob Whedbee.

On a June night in 1994, Rob Whedbee awoke to see a dark figure wielding a butcher knife above him, and suddenly found himself in a struggle for his life.  Rude Awakening, a new book in progress, recounts the story of the attempted murder, and one of the biggest cases in Tennessee judicial history. The story fueled national and international interest, and was covered in major newspapers and magazines across the country, and on news programs such as Snapped, City Confidential, Hard Copy, and A Current Affair. A collaboration between the victim, Rob Whedbee, and writer, Sheree Martines, the true story chronicles the years leading up to the crime and the legal fiasco that followed.

Rude Awakening-The Attempted Murder of Rob Whedbee

Rude Awakening-The Attempted Murder of Rob Whedbee

A true crime work that reveals what really happened the night Michael Frazier and Rob's wife, Lisa, tried to murder him. Book explores the events that culminated in the attempt on Rob Whedbee's life, and the judicial fiasco that followed. The case made Tennessee judicial history.